Semi-Permanent Make-up

What does Semi-Permanent Make-up involve?

Perfect make-up everyday, with semi permanent make-up you never having to apply eyeliner, lip liner or pencil eyebrows. Look perfect stepping out of the shower, coming out of  the pool or in the gym with perfect eyebrows, eyeliner and lip colour. With Semi Permanent make-up (also known as permanent make-up) you can look fantastic 24 hours a day with this medically approved procedure. Semi-permanent make-up eliminates the time consuming chore of having to apply, reapply, and remove your make-up every day for years.

What is Semi-Permanent Make-up?

It is an exacting procedure, in which carefully applied permanent pigment is placed into the dermal layer of the skin. The pigment is made of a natural ironoxide. It is hypo-allergic, and there are no fragrances, emollients or other ingredients added. Your preferred colour is implanted into a lower layer of the skin, where it remains for up to five years. The pigments we use are non-reactive and virtually limitless in the choice of colour available. This make-up is  safe and has been approved by doctors and reviewed favourably by many respected beauty writers.

Eyeliner & Eyelash Enhancement

A fine, soft and natural line can be created to add depth and definition to your eyes. Your lashes will appear to be thicker. Colour and thickness can be individualised and make-up can be applied over the eyeliner for a more dramatic evening look.
semi-permanent makeup eyelinerEyeliner before and after treatment.


Eyebrows are the frame for your eyes and face, and when designed properly, can lift the eyes to give a more youthful appearance, make the cheekbones appear more prominent, and influence how the nose is perceived. If your eyebrows are sparse from tweezing, shaving or alopecia, or if your brows are blonde or light in colour, you can now enjoy the luxury of natural-looking semi-permanent eyebrows.
semi-permanent makeup browEyebrow Reconstruction before and after treatment.

Lip colour

Lipliner and full lipstick colour with Semi Permanent Make-up  is perfect for reshaping uneven lips and for making the lips appear larger and fuller. It has the added benefit of preventing lipstick from bleeding. It covers scars and can give your lips a natural or more dramatic blend of colour that lasts all day.
semi-permanent makeup lipsLip Blush before and after treatment.

Does Semi-Permanent Make-up hurt?
There is usually minimal discomfort. We use topical anaesthetics to greatly reduce discomfort and promote relaxation. Some clients feel absolutely nothing except a prickly sensation.

How long does Semi-Permanent Make-up last?
This varies with each individual person, though the expectation is between two and five years.

Does Semi-Permanent Make-up look natural?
Very natural – your features look more defined, your friends will never know the difference unless you tell them.

How soon can I go out?
Immediately! The colour may appear a little darker than usual for the first few days. The crusting is only slightly visible, but usually never really noticeable.