Complementary Health

Recognising the symptoms of Stress

Too much stress over a long period will have a detrimental effect on your health. If you are worried about any of these symptoms complimentary medicines and holistic care can provide the relief you need and work on the cause, which is often stress.

Mental – Trouble concentrating: Difficulty making decisions: Loss of self-confidence: Tiredness: Memory lapse. Emotional – Irritable and angry: Anxiety: Panic attacks: Guilt
Hopelessness: Weepiness. Physical – Lower immune system: Aching tense muscles: Dizzy spells: Erratic breathing: Heart palpitations: High or unsteady voice: Knot in stomach: Digestive problems.


Before treatment the therapist will discuss the patient’s symptoms, lifestyle and take a confidential note of your past and present health. Stress levels will be examined to ensure the most effective treatment is offered and appropriate advice will be given to gain the most benefit from your holistic treatments.  The treatments available are suited to both men and women and can often provide relief from aches and pains that you may suffer from.


This soothing massage is one of the oldest and most effective forms of natural healing. It relaxes the mind, slowing and inducing deeper breathing to relieve mental, emotional and physical fatigue. Aromatherapy massage uses concentrated pure essences extracted naturally from herbs, flowers and other plants with different medicinal properties, known as ‘essential oils’ and these oils are blended specifically to your needs. Circulation is improved, speeding up the lymphatic flow and boosting the immune system that becomes depleted under stress; an efficient immune system prevents most illnesses. You will be given advice on essential oils that may be used at home between treatments.


Back, neck and shoulders – 45 min £30
Full body – 1 hr 30 min £47


Therapeutic Massage

The variety of techniques used in this treatment work deeply into the muscle tissue to release tension and increase the circulation of blood and lymph. Increasing circulation boosts the immune system and helps to detoxify the body of fluid retention, congestion and built-up toxins. The increased blood flow carries more oxygen and nutrients to the cells improving the health tissue.

A combination of firm, deep tissue massage, stretching movements and pressure/trigger point techniques are used.



Back, neck and shoulders – 45 min £30
Full body – 1hr 30 min £47


Hot Stones Massage

This is a powerful stress releasing treatment using hot stones to work on deep seated tension and restore balance to vital energy points. The hot stones can be used with aromatherapy oils or non scented massage oil and are placed along the spine, shoulders and neck to soothe, relax and harmonise before the massage begins.



Back, neck and shoulders – 45 min £40
Full body – 1 hr 30 min £60



It is believed that the entire body is mapped out on the hands and feet enabling treatment of any part of the body. This ancient technique is the practice of applying pressure to the feet and hands using specific thumb, finger and hand pressure. Using EEG brain activity, many studies have shown that from the moment the treatment starts, the patient begins to relax. It balances the mind, body and emotions helping to alleviate stress and pain.



45 min £30


Hopi Ear Candles

An ancient therapy used to calm many conditions associated with the ear, nose, head and throat such as balance problems, hay fever, colds and sore throats. Excess ear wax, hearing loss and blockages from colds and flu can be eased with treatment along with pressure pains in the ear. It can also help to relieve Sinusitis and Rhinitis and Migraines. It is a soothing and relaxing non-invasive treatment.



35 min – £25